V10 M5 Power gains at altitude

V10 M5 Power gains at altitude

We have been busy with a few V10 M5’s & M6’s of late & once again we decided to head to the dyno to document the gains. This M5 came to us with an imported Eisennman exhaust & K&N filters. So the base runs are with those mods in place & it made 268kw & 364nm on the wheels in this base config. Stock V10s on this dyno make around 260kw. These are the base runs:

Then the work began. We had EvoSport Power Pulleys fitted & the car came to our shop to have the primary catts removed.

Then back to the dyno to document the gains with this new hardware. The power went up to 288kw & 390nm as can be seen in this video:

Then the car was custom tuned on the dyno to take advantage of the hardware mods which are:

– Eisennman Race full exhaust incl primary catt delete
– K&N Flat panel replacement filters
– EvoSport Power Pulleys

The end result was 307kw & 417nm on the wheels.

This is a graph depicting the wheel power gains for the mods & remap:

And these are the gains on the engine up at altitude:

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