E46 M3 Schrick Cams Tuned!

E46 M3 Schrick Cams Tuned!

We have recently fitted Schrick camshafts to a few E46 M3’s. This particular car went from 267hp chipped to 282hp by bolting the cams on to an otherwise stock car. So a respectable 15hp gain. Then Xcede tuned the car for the cams & gained a further 18hp on the wheels. Same day, same dyno. In fact the car was not removed from the dyno during the tuning. 300 whp is what some E92 M3’s have made on this dyno.

This particular car from bone stock to final stage of tune with the cams gained almost 80 wheel hp, although is must be noted that the standard car does have a dyno mode function that cuts out at 6500rpm on the dyno, so it should have made over 240hp stock:

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