CSL Magic Stick!

CSL Magic Stick!

It must be said that the S54 is a dream of an engine to tune, with turbo-like gains. We have done over 30 in the last few months & every single one has gained big. And the CSL is no exception, to date we have done close to 10 CSL’s & every single one hasn’t failed to impress.

Loco’s times & speeds have been well documented & we have successfully tuned another CSL to make 358whp at ODR dyno.

So it was no surprise when we were tasked to do another 3 CSL’s recently. Let me start with this one where we did a decatt then tune. Independent dyno, operated by an independent company.

Then we did this one & it defied logic. Reason being his car was already decatted when it came to us. So we tuned it on the dyno. It never left the rollers & these were the gains just from tuning, same day, couple of hours apart.

A while back we did another one, but this car still has it’s catts in place. Same procedure, custom tune on the dyno, no hardware.

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