Yes we did it again, we've gone and up'ed our own game! Not only is this currently that fast B58 in South Africa but now also the most powerful making 900HP on the wheels at 1500 above sea level on a stock motor!

Special thanks to our trusted partners @the_357 @sanj_adjodia @be_man01 @strada_performance_ for the hardware installations!

Xcede Performance the home of the GR Supra!

Stay tuned, there's a lot more to come from this car!

If you want the most out of your vehicle without compromising reliability contact us!

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Diesel Tuning

Xcede has been tuning diesels for the past 13 year years with great success. Performance gains with un-compromised reliability is something we can easily achieve with a diesel platform. We are able to disable & enable the following with our ecu remaps: DPF – monitoring of the Diesel Particulate Filter is disabled, enabling it to be...

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Get the needed Torque, Quicker shifts, Rev matching, Launch control adjustable like you want it and much more! Optimizing the gearbox for faster shifts, higher torque and rpm is the key to the perfect Stage 3 engine tuning. Stage 1 D Shiftpoints optimizedΒ  for sporty but still economic driving Shift Strategy optimized for up and downhill...

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VAG Gearbox tuning – Stage 1,2,3 Launch Control, Line Pressure and more! We offer all the solutions for DSG gearbox tuning. From normal stage 1 to full-on stage 3 with race features for big power cars. Temic DL382 TemicΒ DL501 gen1 TemicΒ DL501 gen2 TemicΒ DQ200 gen2 TemicΒ DQ200 MQB TemicΒ DQ250 MQB TemicΒ DQ400E Bosch DQ380 BoschΒ DQ381 BoschΒ DQ382 BoschΒ DQ500 MQB ZF AL450 ZF AL451 ZF AL551 ZF AL951 Continental DL800 ContinentalΒ DQ500 Why should you tune your...

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Novitec McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is one of the most bad-a** supercars on the market today. Not only is it extremely powerful but its handling capabilities are almost unmatched (You can read about its limited-edition brother theΒ track-only Senna GTR in this post). Of course, for some that is just not enough, which is where cars like...