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Get the needed Torque, Quicker shifts, Rev matching, Launch control adjustable like you want it and much more! Optimizing the gearbox for faster shifts, higher torque and rpm is the key to the perfect Stage 3 engine tuning. Stage 1 D Shiftpoints optimized  for sporty but still economic driving Shift Strategy optimized for up and downhill...

Need for (shift) speed?

VAG Gearbox tuning – Stage 1,2,3 Launch Control, Line Pressure and more! We offer all the solutions for DSG gearbox tuning. From normal stage 1 to full-on stage 3 with race features for big power cars. Temic DL382 Temic DL501 gen1 Temic DL501 gen2 Temic DQ200 gen2 Temic DQ200 MQB Temic DQ250 MQB Temic DQ400E Bosch DQ380 Bosch DQ381 Bosch DQ382 Bosch DQ500 MQB ZF AL450 ZF AL451 ZF AL551 ZF AL951 Continental DL800 Continental DQ500 Why should you tune your...

Pops & Bangs Explained

You have probably heard the effects of pop & bang tuning on some of the most revered supercars on the planet. Those are the popping and gurgling sounds that the exhaust makes when they shift gears or let off the throttle pedal after hard acceleration. Aside from turning heads, they also cause a healthy...

Renault Clio 4 RS Mod Journal

Xcede if giving the Renault Clio RS owners some love. Let's start with a bone stock, zero hardware on pump fuel. Car was run stock then flashed on the dyno and run again. Car was then mapped on the dyno. And with the same fuel, no adaptation time, this was the result: With a conservative map...

X6M Software Gains

Power gains at the engine, software only! Power gains at the wheels, software only! Video of the stock dyno run: Loading a custom-tuned map on the dyno: Dyno run of 1st run after tuning, car eventually made 350kw & 766NM on the wheels! Some more X6 M's done by Xcede:

Ford Focus ST Xcede’s Expectations!

Xcede Performance is proud to showcase some exceptional gains achieved by software upgrade on a Ford Focus ST. Power is increased from around 168kw at the engine to over 220kw. Torque increases from around 370NM to over 500NM!