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March 2011

N55 Single-Turbo Tuned!

We recently did a few N55's & found some pretty good gains. We have a few options on this vehicle so please call us to discuss. Also available is a custom downpipe, which we have in stock. Adds decent power & great torque. Dyno below of stage 1 N55 tune:

Opel Corsa OPC Flies!

We've done quite a few of these now, & the owners always leave with a smirk on their face. And now I know why. This pocket rocket is a tuner's dream & get some genuine gains with just software. We dyno'd one before & after to document the results. This car was flashed on...

December 2010

Return of the HULK!

Xcede Performance presents the Incredible Hulk, preparing to tear up a runway near you from 2011! Vbox testing on pump fuel, street tyres, 0.3 bar, without launching show an improvement from a 13.9 @ 168 to 12.4 @ 191.

September 2010

CSL Magic Stick!

It must be said that the S54 is a dream of an engine to tune, with turbo-like gains. We have done over 30 in the last few months & every single one has gained big. And the CSL is no exception, to date we have done close to 10 CSL's & every single one...

May 2010

E46 M3 Schrick Cams Tuned!

We have recently fitted Schrick camshafts to a few E46 M3's. This particular car went from 267hp chipped to 282hp by bolting the cams on to an otherwise stock car. So a respectable 15hp gain. Then Xcede tuned the car for the cams & gained a further 18hp on the wheels. Same day, same...

April 2010

Renault Megane Turbo Remap!

Xcede Performance have managed to successfully map the Renault Megane Turbo. This ECU is very difficult to crack but after many hours of logging and mapping on the dyno we have created a file that delivers extremely smooth, reliable power. Here is the graph of a stock car with very low mileage with pump...