Renault Megane RS 250 Tuned

Renault Megane RS 250 Tuned

Xcede Performance are proud to announce the successful tuning of a few Megane RS250’s. The cars were custom tuned on the dyno with great results. 1st we fitted a custom made catless downpipe in 304 stainless steel & this is the resultant power, a gain of 26kw & 78NM on the wheels with the Xcede map:

The boost still remained stock at this stage as the software was untouched. This is the boost with the stock map up at Johannesburg altitude. It peaks at 1.0 bar with the extreme map & drops to 0.5 bar at redline:

The the car was mapped on the dyno. The boost was raised from 1 bar peak to 1.25 bar peak. The ignition advance, fuelling, limiters, & all associated tuning maps were re-calibrated to optimise power, torque & response. The car was actuallt tuned on 93RON fuel to ensure safety with any grade of fuel available. The power will of course increase with better octane fuel. This is the power on the wheels with the tuned map:

And this is the boost:

We look forward to doing many more Megane RS’s in future.

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