Need for (shift) speed?

VAG Gearbox tuning – Stage 1,2,3 Launch Control, Line Pressure and more!

Need for (shift) speed?

VAG Gearbox tuning – Stage 1,2,3 Launch Control, Line Pressure and more!

We offer all the solutions for DSG gearbox tuning. From normal stage 1 to full-on stage 3 with race features for big power cars.

  • Temic DL382
  • Temic DL501 gen1
  • Temic DL501 gen2
  • Temic DQ200 gen2
  • Temic DQ200 MQB
  • Temic DQ250 MQB
  • Temic DQ400E
  • Bosch DQ380
  • Bosch DQ381
  • Bosch DQ382
  • Bosch DQ500 MQB
  • ZF AL450
  • ZF AL451
  • ZF AL551
  • ZF AL951
  • Continental DL800
  • Continental DQ500

Why should you tune your gearbox?

  1. Factory torque limitations 

Factory modes and drive settings make the feeling of the car/gearbox slow. This is something very noticeable for the petrol cars where the powerband is higher up and the gearbox doesn’t shift at the optimal potential.  Changing the shift points in the software will give a much more powerful and optimal driveability, as the engine and gearbox synch for torque. Of course, this also applies to the diesel engines when it comes to the timing of the shifts and higher torque demands.

  1. Shift point in Drive mode

Your engine software is remapped but the gearbox software is stock. This has the possibility to limit the torque because it measures torque levels over the CANBUS and between the ECU and TCU. In these cases, we need to lift torque limiters in the gearbox TCU  to allow the engine to move torque all over the power band without fighting the gearbox software limits.

  1. Shifting speeds.

From the factory, there is a slower shifting speed to meet the most daily drivers’ demands. But even the “Sunday drivers’ ‘ often complain that the gearbox feels old and imprecise. Our engineers will re-work the logic and lower shifting speeds along with the direct bite for less slippage.  This makes a much more sporty feeling changing gears.

  1. Clutch clamp pressure. (Dual-clutch gearbox only)

When modifying your car for more power, stage 3 and above. The stress on clutches and internal parts increases more. It is very important to raise the line pressure and clamp pressure of the discs to avoid micro slippage that shortens the lifespan of the clutch pack.

  1. Launch control activation

Modern gearboxes have a launch-control feature, but its either not available or the launches are limited by a fixed number, like the Nissan GTR have its “R-mode Start” and after 4 hard launches it needs to cool down. We offer many different solutions for many different cars. To fix “annoying” bugs or to turn on/off.

  1. Launch control RPM

Launch RPM can be modified to where the power band is the strongest and most effective for optimal takeoff.

  1. Kick-down deactivation

Downshifting when flooring it? We can fix that.

  1. True Manual shift

Normally the gearbox takes over and shifts to another gear if its too high or low in the powerband. We provide a solution that can deactivate this, this gives you full control in manual shifting mode. No up or downshifts if you don’t choose to!

Contact our team to make your gearbox shift like it should!

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