Diesel Tuning

Diesel Tuning

Xcede has been tuning diesels for the past 13 year years with great success. Performance gains with un-compromised reliability is something we can easily achieve with a diesel platform.

We are able to disable & enable the following with our ecu remaps:

DPF – monitoring of the Diesel Particulate Filter is disabled, enabling it to be removed from the vehicle when the down-pipe is installed. This results in the turbo being able to spool much quicker due to less restriction. The exhaust gas temperature is also reduced, resulting in pro-long turbo lifespan.

EGR – the exhaust gas re-circulation valve monitoring is switched off and the valve is disabled, resulting in a more efficient Air/fuel ratio which adds to improved fuel economy and a more healthy engine.

Intake Swirl-flaps– the flaps in the intake manifold which are there for EUR emission standards are disabled resulting in the engine getting fresh air which facilitates a more efficient Air/fuel ratio that also adds to improved fuel economy and a more healthy engine

Vmax removal – the electronic speed limiter is disabled

Contact us to transform your diesel into a torque monster with un-compromised reliability!

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